Introducing Fukui Confectionery

Fukui Confectionery is a Malaysian Enterprise involved in the distribution of Malaysian & Japanese Dessert products.

Key customers are:

  • Japanese restaurants

  • Chain Stores

  • Hotels, Resorts and Club Houses

  • Overseas – Frozen Food Suppliers

The Japanese dessert Mochi, produced in a variety of assortment has been identified as the niche products of the company.



To transform and revolutionise the labour intensive production of Mochi to a state of the art manufacturing production process to realise and maximise the growing domestic and foreign market demand.



To make the nutritious, fresh halal Mochi products of Fukui Confectionery to be the first choice of customers at the most cost efficient price.


Basis of Expansion

Currently, Fukui Confectionery has one main local supplier for the products it distributes –  either delivered fresh or in frozen form.  We also market and distribute products from other companies that import products from Taiwan and Japan.

Fukui Confectionery has identified lucrative opportunities in the Japanese Dessert halal market. This is our motivating conviction to expand from a distributor to a manufacturer and exporter of Malaysian and Japanese Desserts. The basis of our expansion plans are as follows:

  • Good demand from Customers for other Japanese Dessert products currently not available in Malaysia

  • Strong requests from Customers for cost-efficient halal Mochi products

  • Identifying and streamlining products from suppliers that are not consistent in terms of quantity and quality as it is currently hand made

  • Exceptionally strong demand from Muslim market in China

  • The availability of key staff with manufacturing skills and experience in Fukui Confectionery   




Fukui Confectionery, a wholly owned Malaysian enterprise, was established in 2005 making traditional nyonya kueh and especially angkoo kueh. Our range of confectionery products are supplied to hotels, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, supermarket, caterers, food kiosks and selected retail outlets.


We have a wide variety of products. These products are made under brand names or under private labels and can be divided in the following product groups:

  • Cookies & biscuits

  • Bread, buns, croissants and pastries

  • Pau, moon cakes

  • Mochi and frozen dough.


Each of these products can be supplied in different varieties, with various styles of packaging possibilities available.


We have entered into the overseas market and currently export our confectionery varieties to Singapore and awaiting entry to China, Middle East and Vietnam.


We will continuously strive to satisfy the demanding needs of our invaluable customers through teamwork and diligently adhering to delivery deadlines.  It is our business culture to provide reliable services in producing quality products. It is our commitment towards quality assurance, efficient services as well as technological innovation that has earned us the trust and recognition from our valued customers.





We can produce tailor-made corporate confectionery products with unique premium packaging designs. This is to directly cater for tourists. We believe this can better promote our halal Malaysian food products and share our warm Malaysian hospitality and inculcate the culture of halal confectionery gifts for visitors and foreigners. Furthermore, this can also be done for the wholesale and export markets as all the products will meet the HALAL & HACCP requirements.


Our plant will be equipped with the latest high-tech equipment from Japan, Italy and Taiwan. These state of the art machines together with our philosophy of using fresh natural ingredients ensure that the products are consistently of high quality and creamed with excellent taste.


 All products will be prepared under hygienic conditions to ensure our products are always safe for consumption. Hence, our products are value for money because of its consistently high quality and nutritious value. 












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